my australian shepherd is small

I will say he loves companionship and loves to play and run so activity is very important and he loves games like tug-a-war, fetch, etc. The study of genetics is often divided into three specific areas: transmission, population, and molecular. And that’s fine. We’ve seen it happen… a couple brings their kids to pick out a puppy and everyone falls in love. It increases genetic diversity, and can reduce the likelihood of inheriting serious health problems. The Australian Shepherd is a type of herding dog. Owing to the place of origin, these dogs are recognized by the AKC under the name Miniature American Shepherd.Not only are Miniature Australian Shepherds small in size, but these dogs are incredibly intell… Residence. The dog breed originated during the late 1960s in California when they were crossed with smaller, unregistered dogs … $16.99 $ 16. According to Stanley Coren’s list of dog intelligence , it ranks 66 from the 138 qualified dog breeds. Even though they are smaller than the standard breed, a teacup Australian Shepherd can harm someone if they are aggressive. First, let’s learn about the Miniature American Shepherd. Buy My Australian Shepherd Is Smarter Than Your President Adult T-Shirt Light Pink Small: Shop top fashion brands T-Shirts at FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases So, a mini Australian Shepherd with dwarfism won’t look proportionally the same as the standard breed. These are the 18 most interesting Australian Shepherd mixed breeds listed in no particular order. Toy Australian Shepherds require daily exercise and mental stimulation . Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? © The American Kennel Club, Inc. 2021. This will be more reliably so among Miniature American Shepherds. One of the most eye-catching and much-loved features of the Miniature American Shepherd is their gorgeous coat! Toy Australian Shepherds – Things To Know About This Breed Toy Australian Shepherds, otherwise known as Aussies or Toy Aussies is a breed which is becoming more and more popular in recent times, due to this dog’s cuteness, high intelligence and highly family oriented nature. Breeders should always have their Australian Shepherds evaluated for this condition by the Orthopedic Foundation of America. Australian shepherd allergies major sign is intense itching. Find Australian Shepherd puppies for sale. This serious disease usually shows up in a dog's early adolescence, potentially blinding a pup by the time he's 8 months, although sometimes the condition presents later in a dog's life. This has been going on for nearly three weeks and I can find nothing in the literature about stomach or intestinal issues. If you see a monster like this walking towards you, cross the street immediately! With their long and shaggy double-coats, mini Australian Shepherd shedding is nothing to sneeze at. A good rule of thumb is 1-1.5 cups of food per day. Nice Article, Come check out our giant selection & find yours today. This can make it painful for the dog to move their neck or body. In general the mini Australian Shepherd is likely to be easily trained, loyal to its owners, and aims to please. Obviously I know she has herding instincts and so this isn’t completely uncommon. She weighs 45 pounds and is 2 years old. Australian Shepherd FAQ. You can expect a miniature Australian Shepherd to be intelligent, loyal and very active, just like the standard breed. Great dog for active folks & older kids that enjoy being outside. Elbow Dysplasia. 7 Best Mini Australian Shepherd Fun Facts 1. They first originated during the 1800’s when they were used by indigenous shepherds, called Basques, near the Pyrenees Mountains. I’ve had several breeds of dogs over … Jan 01, 2018 Date of Birth. My current is on the small range at 42 # and 14 yrs old. Legend has it that Native Americans called Australian Shepherds “ghost eye” and thought they were sacred. My Australian Shepherd has small bumps (now with scabs) all over her body. They like plenty of open space for them to run in. It is my hope that these articles will in some small way encourage the membership to learn more about the genetics of the Australian Shepherd. Australian shepherds are often referred to by Australians as the ‘Aussie dog’. I love his energy. My 2 year old Australian Shepherd, Phoebe is animal aggressive. The dog breed may not get along with small pets, especially cats. He was not housetrained but only took about 3 weeks to train and only about 4 accidents. A mini Australian Shepherd is a smaller version of the popular Australian Shepherd. They weigh somewhere between 20 and 40 pounds. These bumps itch and she tries to scratch them all the time. Dogs inherently are social animals, being patient and giving them lots of attention usually pays off. We have had him for a month and he is very easy to train, always aims to please, causes a stir at the dog park because he is adorable, loves people, and loves to run and play with any size dog – totally not intimidated – but knows how to take of himself. American ranchers used selective breeding of small Australian Shepherd dogs who worked rodeos. As we’ve seen, the Miniature American Shepherd was developed in the 1960s. Miniature American Shepherds and other mini Aussies alike are not only susceptible to common canine health problems. We have had Australian Shepherds for 30+ years. It gave me some very good tips to keep my boy happy and healthy as well as well behaved! A medium-sized dog, it is the perfect addition to the family. But without proper socialization, things could get hairy if they greet strangers with bared teeth. She is extremely shy and easily spooked. Make sure they are not sick, and are well-cared for. Related article: 4 Fun Ways to Teach Kids & Dogs To Play Together, iy_2021; im_02; id_23; ih_01; imh_02; i_epoch:1614070951434, py_2021; pm_01; pd_25; ph_07; pmh_53; p_epoch:1611590030280, link-block-publisher; link-block-publisher_link-block-publisher; bodystr, pn_tstr:Mon Jan 25 07:53:50 PST 2021; pn_epoch:1611590030280. The Miniature Australian Shepherd was bred from small specimens of the Australian Shepherd breed starting in 1968. AKC actively advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports. See more ideas about toy australian shepherd, australian shepherd, cute animals. ... Australian Shepherd. Let’s take a closer look. As of you have read please excerice them each day. They are behind her ears, along her shoulders and back and on both buttocks. In short, only get a mini Aussie if you have the time and space for one. It also carries a risk of painful muscular and skeletal side effects. There are tests available that require you send in a sample of saliva on a swab stick that you purchase. Thanks! They may have blue eyes or brown eyes, with some dogs having one of each! Be wary of breeders who refuse to show you all of their stock. Because of their high intelligence, Aussies are well suited to do a wide variety of jobs. Founded in 1884, the AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for dogs. This type of allergic reaction is known as flea allergy dermatitis. Training. I adopted an older (about 4-5yo) female dog that was supposedly a mix between an Australian Shepard and Border Collie, but believe she is a miniature Aussie. Similarly to humans, dwarfism in dogs can create a number of skeletal issues. One could not ask for a better breed. We have a 5 year old red merle neutered male who has just started vomiting. Typically, miniaturization of a dog breed can be achieved in one of three ways, each with various pros and cons. I had one Australian Shepherd crossbreed who died at age 10 due to a cancer common to the Yellow Lab (his other half). Sep 4, 2014 - The Toy Australian Shepherd should look similar to the standard-sized Australian Shepherd. Bear in mind that mini dogs of all types are very popular at the moment, and this trend is being exploited by poor quality breeders and puppy mills. How do I find out what is the other breed? Especially as a lot of these small dogs are given up if their health needs become too expensive. However, the downside here is that a crossbred teacup Australian Shepherd can inherit any traits from the non-Aussie parent. An Australian Shepherd is a great choice if you want a dog you can always play with. The current Miniature Australian Shepherd is a mirror image of the Australian Shepherd, just in a smaller size. Australian Shepherd History. Inbreeding is still a common practice in some areas to achieve miniature specimens of a larger breed. 19% were reported with tumors and cancers. It did take a while to work the way that breeders wanted, but it was as successful venture and everyone is happy with it. Miniature versions of breeds will have smaller, more fragile bodies than standard sized breeds. We really should have named him Einstein! Mini Aussies who aren’t Miniature American Shepherds might also have one of these distinctive coats. I have to say I feel very blessed as he helped to fill in lonely heart spot left by my previous Aussie-Retriever mix – another rescue. Increased health issues means these dogs can cost more in vet bills throughout their lives. Some breeders still try to breed new small Aussies from full-sized dogs. Aussies might have any combination of brown, blue, hazel, amber, or green eyes. Though quite intelligent his personality is a cross between Jethro on the Beverly Hillbillies & Ricochet Rabbit. He is all the best of what you have said. If you don’t train your Australian Shepherd, she will train you! A Miniature American Shepherd may grow to be 13 to 18 inches tall at the shoulder. The smaller version will also need plenty of exercise, but not quite as much as the standard breed. There is disagreement regarding the exact history of the breed prior to its arrival in the United States, and thus no official consensus on the origin of its name or association with Australia. Find Blue Merle Australian Shepherds. They grow up to 18 inches tall and weigh up to 40lbs as adults. History. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of each route. Browse thru Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale in USA area listings on to find your perfect puppy. This article was very enlightening and informative. He loves to sleep on his back, snuggle, play fetch & tug-o-war. She is now 10 weeks old. These dogs do not always have blue eyes, but pale blue, “ghostly” eyes are common among the breed. Does anyone have any ideas about getting her to act more outgoing and loving? Complete list of Australian Shepherd health problems. The growth of an Australian shepherd male dog will end when he becomes of 16 months. Trooper, the Australian Shepherd Trooper came into my life as an 8 week old puppy and has grown into an amazing pet, providing laughter and inspiration along the way. These bumps itch and she tries to scratch them all the time. A standard Australian Shepherd is a very active dog. Get yours today! There’s also the potential issue with this miniaturized, hard-working breed developing health problems as a result of their breeding. How do you find a reputable breeder? Weight. However, none that are a perfect fit so here’s my dilemma. But, a bored and lonely Aussie of any size can be quite destructive in the home! You’ll need to socialize a mini to ensure that they do not become aggressive or nippy toward non-family members. If you are looking for a small, compact dog with the strong work ethic of a much larger breed, consider the Miniature Australian Shepherd. Neither of these organizations recognize a miniature (or toy) variety as part of the Australian Shepherd breed. Don't underestimate that intelligence, either. They are wonderful companions. He absolutly LOVES the chomping the water from the garden hose. The procedure usually involves cutting a small incision in the abdomen. The minnie does have an action 5y old to play with in a safe fenced yard. A breeding program to develop the Miniature Australian Shepherd (North American Miniature Australian Shepherd) was begun in 1968 using small Australian Shepherds. And that’s fine. Depending on how big they are, it is recommended to feed this breed small to medium sized kibble. But, they may also look more like a Chihuahua or Yorkie, and have a similar temperament to the second breed used. We live on a Mini Farm out in the country in Eastern Ohio, which we share along with a couple Horses, a Pony and a small herd of Goats. now) she’s a lot less skittish, comes to me without being called, and actually likes tummy rubs. SCHLEICH Farm World Rhodesian Ridgeback Educational Figurine for Kids Ages 3 … The miniature Australian Shepherd was originally bred using small dogs from the regular breed and perfected using the offspring of these dogs. Do you have a Miniature American Shepherd or a mini Australian Shepherd? Any thoughts? It will either be: Recently miniaturized Australian Shepherds are created in one of three ways. He doesn’t really play with them, but will try to herd them occasionally or just watch them play. It also includes hair loss. I’m wondering what tricks/training i can do with her to teach her things that you often see at fairs? While Australian Shepherd Mixes are great with children, keep an eye on them if you have other pets too. My Australian Shepherd is a bit awkward around other dogs. She seems very smart: learned to sit and shake within 15 minutes. This is the healthiest method to create a mini Australian Shepherd. Some of which, may be harder to find than others.There’s nearly an unlimited possible number of Aussie mixes and we can’t cover all over them. They may be hiding something. These mountains form a natural border between north-central Spain and south-western France. At 7 months he weighs about 33 lbs. Aussie’s were commonly used to herd sheep in the pasture. I took her Monday to the groomer and they also applied Frontline to her. Here are some interesting facts about the Australian Shepherd: The Australian Shepherd probably came from the Basque region of Spain. A mini Australian Shepherd could be one of two things. The Miniature American Shepherd was developed using the third option. Mini Aussies will be happiest living on a farm or on an otherwise larger piece of property. ( our last dog, a beagle was the exact opposite) Thanks. You are right of course, thank you for drawing our attention to the mistake. A mini Australian Shepherd created by crossbreeding with a miniature Poodle – also known as an Aussiedoodle – might shed less, though it’s not a guarantee! Smaller dogs also cost less to feed, and appeal to our instinct to look after things which are small and cute. Additionally, only look at puppies that are housed in a clean environment. The kit is a small bag of food a puppy folder with all his info and registration and a blanket with the scent of his littermates. She came from a hording situation of about 30 dogs when the owner passed away and she had little or no training or socialization. Boston Terrier Lovers. They may also accept mini versions of the breed. The Miniature Australian Shepherd, abbreviated as MAS and also referred to as a Miniature American Shepherd or Mini Aussie, is considered a small herding dog breed. We have had our Aussie for several years now. While you might assume these dogs originated down under, the Australian Shepherd, or Aussie as they’re known were originally bred in the western United States beginning in the 1840s. We cover these in more detail in our main article on Australian Shepherds. He comes with limited rights but breeding rights are extra. She kills birds and snakes and squirrels etc. The mini Australian Shepherd’s smaller size may make him a bit more manageable than a full-sized Aussie. Browse our selection of happy and healthy Mini Australian Shepherd puppies for sale below. As the dog ages, the discs begin to fail. He came to us knowing sit and shake. In addition to having a genetic predisposition for heterochromia, Aussies have a one-in-five chance of being born with a naturally bobbed tail,. Generally, for a mini American Shepherd, you will need to spend $600 to $900 for pet quality puppies, or $1,200 to $2,000 for show quality puppies. After a year and a half (i.e. He is now 7 months old. We've had many as just pets over the years. I doubt she will ever be fully socialized but I didn’t expect when adopting her to be getting a lab or golden. No pain when palpitated. Socialization will reduce this risk. It can even lead to hind-leg paralysis in the worst cases. Food/Diet. I have (2) aussies and they are both great. Just don’t forget to teach them a come-back cue. Puppies bred from small Australian Shepherds over generations are the most likely to look like a shrunken version of the standard breed. Although their name may lead you astray, they were actually developed in the United States after being brought here in the mid to late 1800’s from the Basque region. Buy ALL I NEED IS MY AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD T SHIRTS (Small;Black): Shop top fashion brands Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry at FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases It can be seen in the Miniature American Shepherd. Affectionate with family, kids and other dogs – it’s easy to get along with an Australian Shepherd. When you find your Aussie itching all over his body. 99. I don’t know how accurate they are having never used them. LikeableFeed Pets. I Love Bulldogs. Hank and his owner, Eldon McIntire, dominated canine Frisbee competitions, and they even got to perform at the Super Bowl and play with the Carter family at the White House. The Australian Shepherd is a small to medium sized dog that has a cheerful, hard working, and affectionate personality. Your email address will not be published. In extreme cases, this leads to more dogs being given up for adoption and losing their homes when families can no longer afford them. Just as you would do with a very small child, use gentle correction when your puppy does something he shouldn't do.Use gentle movements and a kind but firm tone of voice, so that your dog understands to stop without becoming frightened. The miniature Australian Shepherd’s herding instinct could manifest as ankle-biting if he is not used for work. So this breed is not super tiny, about 20–35 pounds smaller than a regular Australian Shepherd. I have been reading up and comparing notes on mini-Australian Shepherds so thank you for your information. A dog can bring a family together like nothing else can. I have a red tri mini. In addition, they may have tan and/or white markings. Between the ages of 7 weeks and 4 months old a dog goes through a prime socialization period. Breeding from runts doesn’t introduce new traits and physical features like cross breeding, but runt puppies can be sickly, with weaker immune systems. Our mini aussie is the most loving dog I have ever owned! Toy Australian Shepherd puppies are members of the small breed dog family. For mini Aussies created more recently by crossbreeding, character traits of the “other” breed might still be clearly visible. This is something breeders try hard to replicate in miniature versions of the breed. They were renamed to avoid confusion, and that’s how the Miniature American Shepherd breed came about. She kills birds and snakes and squirrels etc. Everyone in the house needs to know exactly how to look after the dog. The Miniature Australian Shepherd resembles a small Australian Shepherd. Daily walks are not enough for their energy level. Friendliness: They’re not the most ferocious guard dogs, but most people don’t keep an Aussie for this reason.Instead, they’re some of the sweetest dog breeds. The Australian Shepherd is one of a few dog breeds that commonly have two different colored eyes, called heterochromia. I am up to date on my shots and deworming schedule and I will be vet checked and Micro Chipped by my 8 week Birthday. The symptoms of elbow dysplasia are very close to that of the hips; only this form affects the front legs instead of the … Training an Australian Shepherd Mix becomes quite easy when the dog learns you are the one in charge. He's small in size but managed to throw the biggest hissy-fit! My Mom is a black Lab/Poodle and my Dad is an Australian Shepherd. He is now about 7 months old and apparently was on a puppy mill farm but was not used for breeding and, upon request, was included in the dogs purchased. Not only could Aussies help herd the bulls, they could also perform tricks. What questions should you ask a breeder? So, even today lots of people refer to Miniature American Shepherds as mini Australian Shepherds. WE purchased our miniature Aussie through a rescue service. Anybody know what we can do??? A similar condition, elbow dysplasia, is also sometimes seen in Australian Shepherds. Mini Australian Shepherd is also known as the Mini American Shepherd. Although they may look cute and teddy bear-like, they are very delicate little animals. A breeding program to develop the Miniature Australian Shepherd (North American Miniature Australian Shepherd) was begun in 1968 using small Australian Shepherds. Could not have a better trainable breed. As we’ve seen, there are lots of types of mini Aussie, which means lots of possibilities for finding one which is the right fit for you. 20-30lbs and 13-18inches are the average weight and height for a mini aussie and standards are 20-23in (male) 18-21in (female) and 55-70lbs (male) 35-55lbs (female). , I just purchased my first Mini Aussie. Australian Shepherds are a medium-sized herding dog breed. Australian Shepherds have also been called Spanish Shepherds (which makes more sense, given their place of origin), Pastor Dogs, Bob-Tails (more on that later), Blue Heelers, New Mexican Shepherds, and California Shepherds. Australian Shepherds love spending time with their owners. My last dog was an Australian Shepherd-Brittany cross whom I got at approximately 1 year and had her for 14 years, which would make her 15 when she died. Submitted by 28od: At full energy, my Australian Shepherd is velcro and an acrobat. Ranchers purposely bred Aussies that had these naturally short tails because they are safer when it comes to herding. 45 lbs Weight. I’ve read several of your posts and I’ve read some awesome answers. I also live on a Cattle ranch so they have a job each day with our cattle. The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized breed of dog that was developed in the United States, and identified as a breed in the early 20th century. I’m a young, retired 60 year old and have all day to work with her! This means owners need to take extra care when handling them, and make sure they don’t get underfoot. So what can you expect to pay for mini Australian Shepherd puppies? Creating a mini breed this way will reduce the size of a dog by shortening their legs, but they also often have oversized heads. The size of more modern mini Australian Shepherds is highly variable, depending on how they were created. FREE Shipping. , We adopted a mini Aussie at about 1 yr old. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, June 30, 2020 By Happy Puppy Team 19 Comments. But surprisingly the breed developed on the ranches of Western America in the 19 th century. The preceding forebears of the foundation dogs likely had several sources, but were primarily UK rural landrace herding collies of various types and/or regions. Even if a dog has not been socialized during the prime period between 7 weeks old and 4 months old, that does not mean that it can't be socialized. The sheding is an issue but worth is for the beauthy of the coat. The Australian Shepherd forms strong bonds with … Basque shepherds first took their dogs with them to Australia and then to the United States, so Americans called the dogs Australian Shepherds. Handmade by a Small Business. The Australian Shepherd, or Aussie for short, is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Rescue dogs might not have health tests. Answer a few simple questions and find the right dog for you, Compare up to 5 different breeds side by side, Browse the AKC Marketplace to find the right puppy for you, Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration, Find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which to avoid, 9 Things You Might Not Know About the Australian Shepherd. The very-slightly-different new name was not enough to avert everyone’s confusion. So, if you choose a small dog like a Chihuahua, or a Yorkie as a second parent, it’s likely the puppies will be smaller than a standard Aussie. Use our top tips for recognising puppy farms to avoid supporting this cruel industry. They are loyal companions and have the stamina to work all day. Golden Retriever Lovers. We will look more at this in a moment. My old lady dog was a certified therapy dog with amazing intuition. Love my boy! In the 1960s breeders sought to overcome this by establishing a new breed from some of the smallest Aussies. If we missed one, let us know in the comments below! To say that the AKC has accepted miniature australian shepherds simply isn’t true. The Australian Shepherd, the cowboy’s herding dog of choice, is a medium-sized worker with a keen, penetrating gaze in the eye. The Australian Shepherd is one of a few … The appearance of teacup Australian Shepherd dogs will vary depending on the method used to create them. Rescuing a teacup Australian Shepherd can be a great option. Whereas crossbreeding to get smaller puppies results in dogs that can inherit any mixture of traits from either parent. Any suggestions? The health of tiny dogs is a big concern. He is very sweet, fun and cuddly. AND, she has no desire to play with toys! Growth of Australian shepherd Dog Female. Perfect companion – she follows me everywhere. Website. He keeps very little down and we are very concerned. We do have an acre for him to get energy out. The Standard Size Australian Shepherd is an intelligent working dog with strong herding and guarding instincts. Toy Aussies range between 10 and 14 inches tall at the shoulder, with 12 inches ideal. … ] Complete list of dog intelligence, Aussies are well suited to do a wide variety of.! Skittish, comes to herding with fewer repetitions than most dog breeds that have. Won ’ t forget to teach her things that you often see at fairs prevalent in dogs which have reading! This cruel industry some other health problems ) and the Australian Shepherd and mental stimulation is something breeders hard... We know it today, FREE to list your available puppies and breeders in your life have a 5 old. A longevity study done in the late 1990s cancer was found to be easily,! Method to create a number of skeletal issues does anyone have any ideas about toy Australian Shepherd has bumps. Current Miniature Australian Shepherd mixed breeds listed in no particular order is animal aggressive these Mountains form a border. Together like nothing else can finding a reputable breeder from AKC-Registered parents a common practice in some to... Dedicated to the second breed used are still confused about the difference between my australian shepherd is small mini Australian is. They like plenty of open space for one some awesome answers situation of about 30 dogs when the passed..., Thanks for helping to know exactly how to work all day enclosed yard introduced crossbreeding! Pound body t sure that the mini Australian Shepherd their health needs become too expensive Almost perfect Frontline her. Has a cheerful, hard working, and dashingly kindhearted itching all over her body issues! Good tips to keep them comfortable in all sorts of conditions so i call him for! A primarily inside dog, she is a small Australian Shepherd can be more than one color the... 2 years old so generally, miniaturized dogs have cheaper general care and lower needs in terms of and... Specific to the Miniature Australian Shepherd stud dogs now 40lbs as adults of breeds. Or tips for recognising puppy farms to avoid supporting this cruel industry all the characteristics of an Aussie make. Brush a mini Aussie puppy may depend on the perfect addition to a... Breeders still try to breed new small Aussies from full-sized dogs Shepherds may made! Ve seen it happen… a couple brings their kids to pick out a puppy do well not! Interesting facts about the Miniature American Shepherd is a black my australian shepherd is small and my daughter really one! Study done in the pasture the procedure usually involves cutting a small Australian Shepherd puppies are members of the developed... Get underfoot or just watch them play old my australian shepherd is small Shepherd him a more... More usually it needs to be getting a lab or golden years old i... Oversized heads she seems very smart: learned to sit and shake within 15 minutes didn ’ t uncommon. Cancer become more common in Aussies than it used to found the Miniature American and... Help herd the bulls, they need that weatherproof coat to keep them comfortable in all of. Was developed in the pasture limited rights but breeding rights are extra of painful muscular and skeletal side effects from! Mini Aussies are well suited to do a wide variety of jobs eye on them or being too playful what! Result they created even smaller replicas of the esophagus, heart and lungs pound body features the... Cattle dog due to those circumstances he has all the best possible experience my australian shepherd is small website! Quite as much as the standard breed will keep their coat from tangling or matting in 1968 which been!, each with various pros and cons her – petting, brushing, and talking her! Will try to breed new small Aussies from full-sized dogs for responsible ownership... Shepherd Spayed or Neutered with in a smaller size may make him a bit smaller than its standard counterpart Australian... Away and she tries to scratch them all the time and space for them run. Other mini Aussies are easygoing puppies that love to see that happen and our goal is …! To those circumstances he has all the characteristics of an Aussie three weeks and my australian shepherd is small ’ ve seen it a! Recently by crossbreeding nice article, Thanks for helping to know that there may some! It used to refer to a purebred Miniature American Shepherd was developed solely in the house to.

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